About us

MIRELITE MIRSA Co., Ltd. has been specialized in manufacturing and distributing a wide range of deep frozen fruits, vegetables and pastry products in an outstanding quality, to the utmost satisfaction of its customers during the past few decades.

The Company was founded in 1981, while the cold storage plant began operating in 1984 in the city of Albertirsa conveniently located near to the capital city of Budapest /appr. 50 km far/, easily accessiblefrom the intersection of road no. 4 and M5 highway. Starting from 1992 the Company worked as subsidiary of the Nuremberg-based Schöller Holding and then that of Nestlé Group. Since 2003 the Company has been running under 100% Hungarian ownership. It had further enlarged its processing capacities by purchasing cold stores in Domoszló (2004) and Miskolc (2006).





Acquisition of the company by the German Schöller Holding, followed by the modernization of the machinery and the restructuring of the management according to German standards


Acquisition of Schöller Holding by Nestlé Holding


MIRSA Co. Ltd. was sold and operates since then in Hungarian ownership


Acquisition of Domoszló factory, located in the heart of the berry producing area of Hungary


Doubling of the production capacity by acquiring the high capacity Miskolc factory


The company starts developing new products in the meat ingredient production area to be built at Miskolc. The machinery and recipes are acquired from MIRELITE Csepel factory unit


Acquisition of “MIRELITE” trade mark established in 1945 — considered to be the world’s second oldest brand in the frozen food category after US-based “Bird’s Eye”.


Inauguration and start of operations of the meat ingredient production area in Miskolc


Strategic Partnership Agreement with the Hungarian Government

Food safety and quality control

The supplied vegetable and fruit varieties grown in Hungary are processed by the firm. from sowing to the table of consumers tracking of the ingredients of products is easy. The raw materials supplied are all under strict control and sampling prior to processing. Majority of the microbiological and analytical inspections are performed by the company`s own laboratory, while its cold store plants operate according to principles of HACCP system and are certified according to the BRC international certificate.

  1. Fresh raw material harvested at the right time and condition
  2. Laboratory tests (Microbiology, analytics)
  3. Manufacture with modern technology and with expertise
  4. Safe product

Export activity

MIRELITE MIRSA Co. Ltd. delivers deep frozen products to all continents except Australia. Main export destinations are European countries, Middle East and Asia.


MIRELITE MIRSA Co. Ltd. can satisfy all consumer requests in terms of packing: from 200g to 2500 g retail/HORECA packaging to industrial purpose units (10 kg carton, 20-25 kg sack and 1000 kg tote/octabin).